NRI Preprint Highlights

Jan 2021  Brown M. et al. Super(antigen) target for SARS-CoV-2

Feb 2021  Saffern M. et al. Taking CAR T cells up a synthetic Notch

Feb 2021  Pedroza-Pacheco I. et al. Targeting autoantibodies in COVID-19

Mar 2021  LaMarche N. et al. Maternal infection programmes offspring immunity

Mar 2021  Richter F.C. et al. One carbon (metabolism) to rule T cell identity

Apr 2021  Mattiuz R. et al. Innate IL-13 licenses dermal type 2 dendritic cells for efficient T helper 2 cell responses

Apr 2021  Alrubayyi A. et al. Seeing SARS-CoV-2 variants through the eyes of T cells

May 2021  Park MD. et al. Cooperation between the alveolar epithelium and lung-resident basophils shapes alveolar macrophages

May 2021  Newman J. et al. NK cells seize PD1 from leukaemia cells

June 2021 Mazet JM et al. Rather active for ‘exhausted’ T cells

June 2021  Reid A. et al. Exhausted T cells never fully recover

October 2021  O'Donnell T. et al. Repeat elements amplify TLR signaling

November 2021  Lubitz G. et al. Not just neighbours: positive feedback between tumour-associated macrophages and exhausted T cells

January 2022  Brenna E. et al. Harnessing CXCL13 in ovarian cancer

January 2022  Pia L. et al. Omicron entry route

December 2021  Ruffin N. et al. A pan-cancer signature for dysfunctional T cells

November 2021  Richter F.C. et al. Commonalities of macrophage features across tissues and inflammation 

February 2022  Tran M. et al. Exhausted T cell phenotypes depend on TCR signal strength

March 2022  Ravindran R. et al. ILC3-induced regulatory T cells are directed by gut microorganisms

April 2022 Saffern M. et al. The two faces of pancreas tissue-resident macrophages. 

April 2022 Charlton B. et al. Comparative immunology reveals different flavours of cGAS. 

Jan 2021  Gea-Mallorqui E. et al. Sensing our Z-RNAs

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Other Publications

Jan 2021  Nature Reviews Immunology Editorial: Watching preprints evolve

April 2020 Vabret N. et al. Advancing scientific knowledge in times of pandemics