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NRI Preprint Highlights

Mar 2023 Nguyen Q. et al. Human T follicular regulatory cells with helper and regulatory lineage origins

Mar 2023 Keane L. et al. Linking the maternal milk microbiota and infant respiratory infections

April 2023 Tran M. et al. Reservoirs of allergic memory

April 2023 Peeters B.W.A. et al. Adaptive meets innate: CD8+ T cells kill MHC-I-negative tumour cells

Feb 2023 Saffern M. et al. MHCing the tumour’s dark genome

Jan 2023 Arcia-Anaya D. et al. STAT5A antagonizes TOX in CD8+ T cell exhaustion

Jan 2023 Balevicuite A. et al. Sex-specific role for microglial CST7 in Alzheimer’s disease

Nov 2022 Mateus-Tique J. et al. Tumour antigen spreading mediated by vaccine-boosted CAR T cells

Oct 2022 Ruffin N. et al. Dynamics of antigen retention by follicular dendritic cells

Jul 2022 Luong T. et al. Tissue-specific epigenomics of resident memory CD8+ T cells

Jul 2022 Reid A. et al. XXtra killer cells

May 2022 Quastel M. et al. The CD58–CD2 axis in cancer immune evasion

April 2022 Charlton B. et al. Comparative immunology reveals different flavours of cGAS. 

April 2022 Saffern M. et al. The two faces of pancreas tissue-resident macrophages. 

March 2022  Ravindran R. et al. ILC3-induced regulatory T cells are directed by gut microorganisms

February 2022  Tran M. et al. Exhausted T cell phenotypes depend on TCR signal strength

January 2022  Brenna E. et al. Harnessing CXCL13 in ovarian cancer

January 2022  Pia L. et al. Omicron entry route

December 2021  Ruffin N. et al. A pan-cancer signature for dysfunctional T cells

November 2021  Richter F.C. et al. Commonalities of macrophage features across tissues and inflammation 

November 2021  Lubitz G. et al. Not just neighbours: positive feedback between tumour-associated macrophages and exhausted T cells

October 2021  O'Donnell T. et al. Repeat elements amplify TLR signaling

June 2021  Reid A. et al. Exhausted T cells never fully recover

June 2021 Mazet JM et al. Rather active for ‘exhausted’ T cells

May 2021  Newman J. et al. NK cells seize PD1 from leukaemia cells

May 2021  Park MD. et al. Cooperation between the alveolar epithelium and lung-resident basophils shapes alveolar macrophages

Apr 2021  Mattiuz R. et al. Innate IL-13 licenses dermal type 2 dendritic cells for efficient T helper 2 cell responses

Apr 2021  Alrubayyi A. et al. Seeing SARS-CoV-2 variants through the eyes of T cells

Mar 2021  LaMarche N. et al. Maternal infection programmes offspring immunity

Mar 2021  Richter F.C. et al. One carbon (metabolism) to rule T cell identity

Feb 2021  Pedroza-Pacheco I. et al. Targeting autoantibodies in COVID-19

Feb 2021  Saffern M. et al. Taking CAR T cells up a synthetic Notch

Jan 2021  Brown M. et al. Super(antigen) target for SARS-CoV-2

Jan 2021  Gea-Mallorqui E. et al. Sensing our Z-RNAs

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Other Publications

Jan 2023  Richter F. et al. The Preprint Club - A cross-institutional, community-based approach to peer reviewing  

Jan 2021  Nature Reviews Immunology Editorial: Watching preprints evolve

April 2020 Vabret N. et al. Advancing scientific knowledge in times of pandemics

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