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Our Mission

Harnessing cross-institutional journal clubs to assess and review preprints

Our Objectives

  1. Repurpose institutional journal clubs to take part in evaluating up-and-coming research on different research fields and preprint servers.

  2. Training ground for research trainees to learn how to critically assess scientific literature.

  3. Improve the scientific legitimacy and reduce the inherent bias of a system constraint around a single institution and promote open science.

Our Organisation

  • Our group meets online once every week to present 2 recent preprints.

  • We evaluate each preprints using metrics such as Novelty of the study, Significance of the results or Thoroughness of the scientific demonstration.

  • We write and post reviews of the preprints using a  standardized format.

  • We highlight what we consider the most promising preprints in collaboration with Nature Reviews Immunology

JC method.png

Our Journal Club Hub Blueprint

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